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Training Videos on Organic Production, Marketing and Certification

Videos are an excellent training tool to illustrate and explain production practices and marketing techniques as well as to learn from successful initiatives and from challenges on the way to success. Addressing key topics with this highly efficient and attractive media especially benefits knowledge-intensive sectors like horticultural or animal production, marketing and certification.

So far, only few professional training videos on organic agriculture exist. For this reason, FiBL and its African partners have started to produce videos to provide better support to trainers, agricultural service providers, lead farmers and representatives of farmer organisations in sub-Saharan Africa. Within the next years a series of videos on selected topics is planned.

Marketing organic products in Africa

A step-by-step procedure to become an entrepreneur and learn about market opportunities, market requirements and marketing techniques.

60', English

How can producers, processors and traders in Africa be successful in the organic business? This training video explains how to successfully develop marketing strategies and techniques for organic products in Africa. It illustrates with examples from Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa, how to become an entrepreneur and how to learn about market opportunities, market requirements and marketing techniques.